Customer Privacy matters the most of us. So as to keep you well aware and help you to maintain your privacy, we provide you with the complete information of our policies and practices of data collection.

The method we use to collect information.

To gather the requisite information we collect data from online forms that have been used to place the order/services on websites. Another method we use is data collected from the users who volunteer to gather information for us. We also keep a real time track of the way visitors use our website, which page they check the most and how many visits do we have per page. To know visitor preferences, we keep a track of cookies. Cookies are packet of data sent by a server to

browser, used to track access of the user to the server.

The method of using the information

We let users know about our offers and services at Traffic Bold and the information we gather regarding users /visitors are utilized by contacting them via email/telephone. The data gathered can also be used for keeping the track to know how efficiently websites are working, planning marketing strategies and for advertisement purposes.

Disclosure of information

We have policy to not disclose any information of our valued customer, to any third party. A specific and general information may, however, be disclosed to potential investors and our partners in order to know the targeted customers. In case of sale of our business, potential buyers have the right to know about data collected.


Feel free to contact us in case you have any queries related to our Privacy Policy. contact us.