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Users will never have to sign up to a website that isn't of interest to them. Instead, they can select the websites that best match their interests and earn themselves real cash for doing so! TaskSignups is a micro task website that pays people cash for just signing up to receive newsletters and creating new accounts on Free to Join websites.
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What we Offer to Advertisers

  • Get real guaranteed signups Great then Guaranteed Signups might be what you are looking for. Signups are people who will come and look at your business opportunity and complete a free signup form to join your unpaid (free) downline.
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  • Micro Jobs Everyday Each day when you log into your account, you will be presented with many advertising links. You will get paid cash for each completed job.
  • Multiple, Continuous Jobs You can easily earn money by signing up to websites and converting your earned credits into real cash! Jobs normally take about 30 seconds or less to complete.
  • Easy Withdrawal We send all payments every friday. $1.50 minimum withdrawal amount, and you do not need to request it. Payments will be send to you automatically.