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Get paid for signing up on our advertiser's websites.

TaskSignups allows advertisers to receive guaranteed signups from our members. You will earn $0.05 per each completed task. Simply click on (CREATE ACCOUNT) button in your dashboard, and visit the website you want to join.After joining the website, copy and paste the Email or your Username that you used to signup into the Proof box and click submit button. Tasks normally take about 30 seconds or less to complete, offer will be Accepted or Denied, depending on whether you completed the signup correctly and if you submitted relevant proof of signup.

TaskSignups is a micro tasks website.

We pay people cash for just signing up to receive newsletters and creating new accounts
on our advertiser's websites.

The way it works is extremely simple: each day when you log into your account, you will be presented with many advertising websites, that you can easily earn money by signing up to these websites. Payments will be send to you automatically, and $1.50 minimum withdrawal.

Please note : Premium Members (Member's who purchase a membership) will earn more $$
in Signups Jobs and makes more Referral Earnings than Basic Members.